Welcome to Minnesota EMF.com

The purpose of this website is to build an information database of places in Minnesota — starting with the Twin Cities — where users can access measurements of unnatural Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation (EMF/R) in places of interest, high traffic and use.  We will post measurements of cell tower RF (Radio Frequency) radiation and wi-fi electromagnetic fields, and in some places, electrical fields.  Minnesota places we have visited and taken these measurements at, are listed alphabetically on pages with city or area names.

Our goal is to raise accurate awareness of the ubiquitous, increasing unnatural EMF/R frequencies in our environment that are taking a very significant toll on our health, wellbeing, peace, happiness, safety, and rest.

EMF/R Meters We Are Using

We do not own professional level meters such as Building Biologists use for wide ranges of precise measurements, but “amateur” meters have improved in quality and capacity as interest increases among the People to know how our environment and living spaces are rapidly changing — especially in urban and suburban areas — in the rush to beef-up 4G cell towers as a foundation to build-out new infrastructure for 5G (fifth generation wireless technology), which is currently proliferating.

We primarily use the Cornet ED88T Plus described below for the measurements posted on this site.

Please note:  The measurements are of what is in the air.  What runs through the body is HIGHER as these artificial EMFs and radiation seek ground through the nearest conductor to earth, especially water-based.

“A long list of EMF engineers, scientists, and authors on the subjects use this device. It is the go-to device for experts such as Ph.D. Martin Pall and … Nicholas Pineault. It is also recommended by Jeremy Johnson who did a famous TED talk about EMFs a couple of years ago.” — George Willington

We also use the Safe and Sound Pro II meter that was graciously provided from Safe Tech Minnesota for RF measurements as it helps me identify radiation sources more accurately, in concert with the Cornet meter above.





For Dirty Electricity or Micro Surge Electrical Pollution (DE/MEP) we use the Greenwave meter.






I also use an older, TriField 100XE meter for triple-axis measurements of electromagnetic fields.

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