Minnesota State Fair in Saint Paul

As a transformational bodyworker of many years, I began to hear about the stresses people suffered at the Minnesota State Fair beginning in the fall of 2019, that correlate with unnatural electromagnetic fields and radiation (non-native EMFs and EMR).

I had noted the beefing up of the cell tower in the two to three weeks leading up to the Great Minnesota Get-Together, and it did not portend well.

I spoke with an area chiropractor who has clients that noticed how difficult it was for their health and well being to be at the State Fair this year; one of whom could not work there anymore after the first day.

Date:  November 14, 2019       Time:  2:20 pm  A drive around the fairgrounds today made it clear that this is the main tower for the Fair.  Located at the southeast corner of the grounds near the intersection of Snelling and Como, this junk tower’s emissions are toxic and daunting.

It makes the nearby “Space Tower” look diminutive and quaint, like an out-of-place echo from a pulp fiction past, upstaging it with the sordid ugliness of the worst of modern human hubris, unconsciousness, and misguided aspirations.

RF reading showed a peak spike of 85.4 mw/m2 from a block away!

It’s disturbing that this tower is in close proximity to the “Miracle of Birth” barn for farm animals.  The other animal barns are within four blocks from this tower which distresses their nervous systems and physiology in ways we have no good understanding of.

Everything within two blocks of this tower is being cooked with radiation.  The Haunted House, the Ramberg Senior Center, the Dairy Building, and the International Bazaar are all, constantly bombarded.






A quick drive-thru of the grounds (not a detailed check) made it clear that small cells are being installed with a density and intensity like that which is planned for your neighborhood in the current horrifically flawed “5G roll-out” (brand name for non-native radiation proliferation) that telecoms and vested interests hope to achieve before Minnesotans realize what is happening, and that their quality of life has been sharply compromised.

A couple of small cells are mounted on a corner of the Warner Coliseum which measured at a peak of 8.95 mW/m2 (updated 7-28-21), (Small Cells “H” on map).


At the intersection of Carnes Avenue and Liggett Street, small cells atop a pole measured peak RF radiation of 115.30 mW/m2, and 6.36 V/m, which is extremely, dangerously high.  (Small Cells A on map.)





At the north boundary of the Midway at Dan Patch Avenue, a tower with small cells and power station measured a peak RF power density of 77.9 mW/m2!  (Small Cells E on map, updated 7-28-21.)  This small cell installation radiation has more than doubled since I measured it in 2019.






In the Midway, right at the door to the Compeer Arena (for showing cows), a pole with small cells measured a peak RF reading of 186.70 mW/m2, which is excessive, extreme radiation.   Right after the last Fair in 2019, I measured 24.65 mW/m2 at this spot (Small Cells B on the map.)  This pole and its cells has increased its radiation by more than seven times since then (updated reading on July 28, 2021).  This is insanely high and abusive to the nervous systems of living beings.






Just west of the pole and arena above, is another pole with small cells at Canfield Street on the Midway boundary.   This cluster measured a peak RF radiation level of 348.30 mW/m2 on 7-28-21!   This is another absolutely insane level of radiation for people and animals to live and move in.  There is a table set nearby for somebody to sit there and monitor or process the traffic right in front of these masts, which is a health risk for that individual.  (Small Cells C on map.)






The northeast corner of the Midway area also has a pole with small cells.   A peak measurement of 77.90 mW/m2 was noted on July 28, 2021.  (Small cells D on map.)

The Midway area is surrounded with these small cells on poles, so it’s not possible to accurately determine the radiation level from one cluster of cells, because the entire area is a hotspot of highly destructive radiation.  It appears, from my measurements, that the Midway Area is the hottest zone of the Fairgrounds.

Standing away from any particular set of cells on a pole, near the center of the Mighty Midway area, peak RF measured at 19.14 mW/m2.




Just west of the Police Station on Liggett Street, near the Transit Hub is Small Cells F, which measured a peak RF radiation of 112.7 mW/m2 on 7-29-21.



On the north of the fairgrounds at Hoyt Avenue small cells mounted on a pole measured a peak of 19.14 mW/m2.   (Small Cells G on map, August 3, 2021.)



Right between Warner Coliseum and the Cattle Barn at the intersection of Judson Avenue and Liggett Street, the RF radiation measured 34.0 mW/m2 which is very stressful for animals with their natural sensitivities.

On the Poultry Barn at Clough and Judson, there is a small cell radiating toward the street at 5 mW/m2.  This disrupts sleep and relaxation for animals (who are already out of their comfort zone) and stresses their nerves with a Fright/Fight/Flight escalation.





A horse show was being prepared for on August 3, 2021 and the Horse Barn was open so I took an RF measurement inside it.  Since the barn is made of concrete, with metal roofing, it provides shelter from the intense radiation outside.  I didn’t walk through the barn or check many areas of it because I didn’t want to intrude or cause concern about why I was there.  I took a measurement near the south entry of the barn, which showed peak RF of 0.2766 mW/m2.  This may be the lowest reading of my tour, but let’s remember that the threshold for danger from severe RF radiation in sleeping areas (according to the Institute of Building Biology) is any number greater than 0.100 mW/m2.

A measurement just outside the door shows peak RF radiation at 3.90 mW/m2. 

Horses are more sensitive than humans to radiation, and their nervous systems are stressed by the artificial frequencies.  Horses housed near cell towers have been observed to go lame within two years.  [After some indepth study, I belive that the horrendous frequency of horse deaths at the Santa Anita Race Track in California is due to extreme levels of wireless radiation from their surveillance (including in the barn) and wi-fi betting system that has wi-fi radiating, literally everywhere.]

Not every block of the Minnesota State Fair is extremely hot.  There are a few buildings and stands on the periphery of the main thoroughfare that do not have cell masts on them.  Play Land has 5g masts on it but they were on low power, measuring 1.41 mW/m2, which is still too high for health and wellbeing.






These measurements were taken during the off-season, I can’t imagine what it will be like during the Fair with all of the cellphones and devices among the crowds.  Attendance at the Fair in 2019 was 2.1 million people.

What’s REALLY TROUBLING about the proliferation of the electromagnetic and radiation pollution at the Minnesota State Fair site, is the proximity to the animal quarters.  It’s very sad, if taking your children to the State Fair, or showing an animal, becomes an unwitting abuse.

It’s especially poignant to note the age of the main buildings (just the same as they were when I was a child), that speak of a simpler, more healthy, earthy, and visionary time.   To see the dark descent of electrification and radiation into our gathering places is deeply disturbing, to say the least.

Read about the health effects of these radiation levels as studied and documented worldwide in the 2012 BioInitiative Report.  Besides RF (radio frequency) radiation, “dirty electricity” or electrical transients levels are also high with these cells and masts, which adds to the stressful mix.

If you attend the State Fair, be aware of these intense levels of radiation and stay away from the visible cells and masts.  The heightened radiation at the Fair will cause people to feel especially tired, irritable and stressed, Some will get headaches.  Allergies and asthma are worsened, eyes can become red and injured.  Tinnitus is exacerbated, and uncoordination occurs.


Below is a map of the fairgrounds with the cells that are readily identified visibly.


8-3-2021 Map Update



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