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I serve as an EMF/R consultant, and offer living space walk-throughs and assessments to document and inform you about the electronic pollution that may be interfering with your good health, sleep, peace and well being.

Please note:  I do not measure body voltage.  I also do not do assessments in homes with solar panels installed, because of their dirty electricity problems that require more expertise to address.


An affordable, general walk-through and assessment service with a followup report that identifies the major EMF/R stress factors in your living environment, including explanation and tips for mitigation.

A detailed walk-through and assessment with followup report that delineates measurements for every room in your house, and also outside.  Measurements to include:

  •  RF (radio microwave, wireless. cell phone and cell towers outside) recorded in milliwatts per meter squared (mW/m2) and power density measurements in volts per meter (V/m).
  • Low frequency Gauss meter measurements (.1 milligauss to 10 Gauss, 50 hertz to 1 kilohertz); four per room.
  • Higher frequency Gauss meter measurements (1 milligauss to 600 milligauss, 50 hertz to 10 kilohertz).
  • Electrical fields measured in volts per meter (V/m).
  • Dirty Electricity (also known as transients, harmonics, micro-surge pollution, electromagnetic interference (EMI)) measurements for every room.   For these measurements I use a Greenwave meter and filters.

The followup report includes these measurements, explanation of safe levels, and information for further study.  Mitigation options will be suggested to address problems discovered during the walk through.

Price varies with house size and level of detail desired.  Send me a note to inquire.

I have studied EMF/R intensively for nine years, eight of those with meters.  I have completed basic courses with Geovital and the Institute of Building Biology.  Before that I could sense the effects of cell phones and cell towers since the early ’90s and I have never owned a cellphone because of my perceptions of the destructive effects of this technology on Nature.

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For a list of some of the most prominent studies on the harmful effects of non-native electromagnetic fields on people and nature, see:

If you have a request for me to visit a site and post measurements, let me know and I’ll include it on this site if I can work it in.

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