EMF/R Effects on the Health and Wellbeing of Animals/Pets

Our house bunny, Sebastian, brought the fact that unnatural EMF/R in the home affects health and well being of our pets to my attention.

From a wilder breed of recently domesticated rabbit, Netherland Dwarf, Sebastian’s natural senses and perceptions were more preserved and intact than animals who have long been domesticated.

We had a wireless router on the floor by a computer desk, and I noticed that when he was in proximity to the router, he became touchy, irritated, stressed, acting injured.  As I wondered about this, one day I SAW the energy from the router — an aggressive wave of low vibration, enter his aura when he hopped near it, like a barely visible,  dark energy.  And he instantly acted out his irritation from the stress he experienced.  It was CLEAR that the router RF radiation was harmful to him.  

That was all I needed to get the wireless out of our house!  And the difference was stunning.  We all slept better.  Sebastian felt much more at home, and expressed his love and happiness more freely, in a natural state of health and peace.

Non-native wireless and electromagnetic radiation in the home can be very detrimental to humans and animals because it creates a constant state of low-level Fright-Fight-Flight (FFF) stress in our bodies — an imbalance of endocrine and nervous systems.  This lowers immunity, compromises sleep quality and recovery, and over time, serious dis-eases can develop.  Some symptoms of heightened FFF are anxiety, sleeplessness, ADHD, agitation, and irritation.

This stress isn’t always evident because the animal may appear to be completely at ease when resting or sleeping.  But the QUALITY OF SLEEP is more like being knocked out, or leaving the body, without the refreshing benefits of cycling life naturally with the subconscious, and regenerating sleep phases.  It is more of a disconnect from the body.

Dr. Robert O. Becker (1985) wrote of how the immune system is weakened by artificial electromagnetic fields via the induction of “subliminal stress”:

Initially, the stress activates the hormonal and/or immune systems to a higher than normal level, enabling the animal to escape danger and combat disease. If the stress continues, hormone levels and immune reactivity gradually decline to normal. If you stop your experiment at this point, you’re apparently justified in saying, “The animal has adapted; the stress is doing no harm.” Nevertheless, if the stressful conditions persist, hormone and immune levels decline further, well below normal. In medical terms, stress decompensation has set in, and now the animal is more susceptible to other stressors, including malignant growth and infectious diseases.

… One aspect of the syndrome was very puzzling. When undergoing these hormonal changes, an animal would normally be aware that its body was under attack, yet, as far as we could tell, the rabbits were not. They showed no outward signs of fear, agitation, or illness. Most humans certainly wouldn’t be able to detect a 100-gauss magnetic field, at least not consciously. Only several years after Friedman’s work did anyone find out how this is happening.

… In 1976 a group under J. J. Noval at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory at Pensacola, Florida, found the slow response in rats from very weak electric fields, as low as five thousandths of a volt per centimeter. They discovered that when such fields vibrated in the ELF range (extremely low frequency), the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brainstem increased, apparently in a way that activated a distress signal subliminally, without the animal’s becoming aware of it.  The scariest part was that the fields Noval used were well within the background levels of a typical office, with its overhead lighting, typewriters, computers, and other equipment. Workers in such an environment are exposed to electric fields between a hundredth and a tenth of a volt per centimeter and magnetic fields between a hundredth and a tenth of a gauss. [(pp. 277-278) Becker, R.O. (1985). The Body Electric. New York: Quill.]

Here is a study dated 1995, that showed a higher incidence of EMF/R related with cancer in dogs.



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