Fort Snelling State Park

Fort Snelling State Park is located in the Mississippi River Sandplains Landscape Region at the confluence of two great rivers; the Minnesota and the Mississippi.  Most of the park is on the Minnesota River floodplain.

Just across the freeway from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport, this park is nine miles from downtown Saint Paul.  Air traffic constantly passes over the park, as planes land on their runways from east of the airport.  There has long been concern about toxicity levels at this park, and especially until action was taken in 1993 to stop direct runoff from the de-icing of planes into the parkland.

One might wonder what unnatural radio (RF) pollution would be in this park with the airport radar system just across the freeway, but the good news is that the topography of this park falls immediately into a valley, so the RF radiation from the airport is low on the ground along the rivers, and where tree density blocks it from the footpaths and low lying park areas.  In fact, RF radiation is significantly higher in parks much farther out from the cities that are not protected by trees and a valley.

Keep in mind that the season also makes a difference for RF levels in parks.  When trees are leafed out and grasses and brush are green, RF radiation is lower than in winter when trees and foliage are bare.

Reading Date:  March 22, 2020.

On the footpath near the Mendota Bridge, electrical fields measured 2 volts per meter (Photo number 1 below).

RF radiation measured steady at .002-.004 mW/m2, which is natural for a sheltered wooded area, not far from the ground.  (Photo number 2 below.)

The third photo below shows the jump almost up to 1.0000 mW/m2 when several people passed by, obviously carrying at least one smartphone.  It’s striking to see the measurements suddenly go wild and high when people simply pass by! (.0727 and it was higher.)





We have become a nation of walking radiation generators, with no awareness whatsoever of how we are interfering with the natural world.  This is stunning to me.

LF600 Gauss mode showed about a half a milligauss which isn’t great for electrical fields.

The electrical fields are a greater danger at this park than the RF intensity.

At the beach of Snelling Lake, RF is higher, measuring .0409 mW/m2, since the space is open with no trees mitigating the signals.

In the parking lot by the Snelling Lake picnic area, RF measured lower, at .0045 mW/m2, with less bounce-back from the water and more attenuation from the trees.



The big problem at this park is the power distribution lines that run through it in many places.  Power lines like these emit high electrical  and electromagnetic fields.  I took measurements by the park entrance and ranger building:






Higher frequency electromagnetic fields measured at 22 milligauss or 3.1 microtesla.

Lower frequency electromagnetic fields measured at 5.9 milligauss or 2 microtesla.

Electrical fields are at the top of the danger zone that the meter can measure, peaking at 675 volts per meter.  And a second measurement of the electrical fields peaked at 756 volts per meter.

This is dangerously high for any living being to be near for any length of time.  The people working in the park building are being subjected to very high electrical radiation and electromagnetic fields.  I would not spend any time walking, jogging, walking dogs, or ‘relaxing’ anywhere near these power lines.

To see the contrast between RF radiation measurements down in the valley, and at the top of the hill at the park entrance, where the airport is just across Highway 5, as we would expect, it is super high.






Quick measurements are 15-17 mW/m2 RF radiation (I did not wait for two minutes, could go higher), and 2 V/m electrical field.

A common sight is the wild turkeys (barely visible to the right of the meter in photo 1 above) leisurely going about their business.  It is sad that these great birds are being subjected to extremely high RF radiation that is significantly stressing their health and well being.  Tests have shown that these destructive frequencies bypass the cognizance of people’s and animal’s brains, and undermine their bodies, nerves, brain functions, fertility, and cellular health destructively “under the radar” of normal senses.

It’s a good thing that we still have a park that is not many miles away, where we can find respite from the proliferation of RF radiation in the cities.  Go down by the rivers, stay away from the power lines, and you can give your body some good grounding relief from the stresses and radiation of city life, that by now are growing daily.  And leave your phone somewhere else!

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