Justice Page Middle School and Washburn High

Having driven by JUSTICE PAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL (1 W. 49th St. Minneapolis, MN 55419) and WASHBURN HIGH SCHOOL (201 W 49th St, Minneapolis, 55419) many times, and noted TWO CELL TOWERS on school property (both schools on the same block with an outdoor stadium between them), I knew I would have to take readings on this obviously high radiation site.  These schools are atop a hill, which also makes them prime targets for cell towers as Minneapolis tries to be one of the first senseless (literally) leadership cities to implement “5G” (supposedly “Fifth Generation Wireless Technology,” but really more of a marketing brand name driven by foggy hype, scam, and grandiose telecom profiteering schemes), or maybe as Dr. Martin Pall calls it, “the stupidist idea in the history of the world.”

It is difficult for me, personally, to measure radiation at schools, colleges, playgrounds, rec centers, where students of all ages should be protected from danger and NOT exposed to exceedingly harmful levels of destructive radiation in their trusting innocence, and this site is one of the worst I’ve come across in the Twin Cities.  To me the unconsciousness on this subject is just stunning.

I understand that most people don’t sense unnatural radiation anymore (I do), but there is no excuse not to QUESTION having two large cell towers at two schools on one city block!  Of course school officials would say, “The radiation is within federal safety guidelines,” but most of us have the clue that that statement is MEANINGLESS, especially in light of the thousands of studies that have proven these levels of unnatural radiation are extremely harmful and destructive to human bodies, minds and spirits, and all flora and fauna of the natural world including sterilizing the soil, causing dangerous molds to proliferate with MORE toxicity, and promoting the development of bacteria that is antibiotic resistant.








At JUSTICE PAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL, the highest readings were taken from the location in the photo just above on the right.  Reading Date:  December 27, 2019     Time:  1:30 pm     Tower No. 1 Peak RF reading with the sensor pointed to the tower on the right was 53.94 mW/m2 and 4.25 V/m.






Tower No. 2 reading measured from across the sports stadium measured peak RF at 25.8 mW/m2, and 3.11 V/m.




Reading taken directly underneath Tower 1 peaked at 9.59 mW/m2 where naturally it would be lower.




At the Justice Page Middle School playground on 49th Street, a clear line of sight from both towers floods the play area with extreme levels of RF radiation.  RF Peak measured 21.97 mW/m2 and 2.875 V/m.








Another playground spot measured 19.14 mW/m2.  














WASHBURN HIGH SCHOOL cell tower on the west side of the athletic field measured peak RF radiation at 34.83 mW/m2 from 50th Street.







And a peak RF radiation reading of 3.26 V/m.









Read about the health effects of these radiation levels as studied and documented worldwide in the 2012 BioInitiative Report.

It is deeply saddening to see bright creativity and warm-hearted aspirations together with life-negating, self-destructive technology where children learn and play in their formative years.   These unnatural frequencies affect everyone, but especially the young, and will contribute to breaking our health care system in a few short years.  I pray that someday the children subjected to this stress and debilitation will awaken to this issue, heal, forgive those of us who should have known better, and regain their health and peace.

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