Highland National Golf Course – Update June 2020

Here is an update with a series of measurements, walking from the water towers toward Hamline Avenue, to show how the power density of their radiation increases with distance, from near to far field.

LET ME EMPHASIZE that power density measurements I’m taking and posting here DO NOT specify what modulations are being used.  Low, and even moderate RF radiation is becoming more complex with the integration of 5G signals into 4G frequency bands.  Thus, they are increasingly dangerous to the body, because our bodies use these frequencies in natural cellular communications, synergy, and functions.  Manmade, artificial signals at these frequencies are confusing the identity and functions of the body.

The result is more immune system disorders and myriad health, perception, and well being problems, now developing rapidly.  These harmful frequencies are affecting every one of us, and the number of electro-sensitive people has jumped from 12 percent to 35 percent of the population, in 2019.  For details about the current specifications of cell towers and masts being installed in neighborhoods, see Oram Miller’s excellent article that is updated regularly.

Tree foliage is a great shield from these destructive frequencies, so I tried to maintain a clear line of sight to the towers when taking the straight-line measurements for steady progression.  In winter, the radiation would be higher throughout the area when the trees have dropped their leaves.  The trees provide some relief to the residents who live along West Highland Parkway from the radiation in the summer time.

The measurements are recorded in milliwatts per meter squared (mW/m2) and if noted, in volts per meter (V/m).  The straight-line measurements were taken over the distance of about two city blocks.

Reading date:  June 2, 2020    Time:  8:45 pm right after a refreshing rain storm.

We may note that the power density and amplitude of the RF radiation increases with distance from the towers, within the center of the 120-degree wave they generate, in the direction their antennas are pointing.

All of the measurements posted above are very high, and potentially harmful for health of anyone exercising or golfing in proximity to these towers.

Radiating across the green, and across Hamline Avenue to Talmud Torah school for children, we find the highest radiation at the area of the children’s play area!   This is because of the clear line of sight, and elevation in proximity to the cell masts on the towers.





Measurement taken standing in front of the play area on April 6, 2021 at 4:45 pm showed a peak of 19.14 mW/m2.

Expert on this subject, Dr. Magda Havas recommends that children outside be in less than 1 mW/m2 for their health and safety.

View from east of the towers, behind the Talmud Torah school playground.

The radiation on the backside of the towers, out toward Snelling Avenue on the left, is EXTREMELY HIGH.  Sometimes I see people parked behind these towers, eating lunch in their vehicles.  The RF radiation is pouring in the windows of their vehicles and bouncing back with increased intensity inside the cars because of the metal.  NOT GOOD.

Measurement Date:  June 2, 2020   Time:  8:30 pm after a refreshing rain (golfers gone)

Series of Measurements moving away from the towers, and trying to keep a line of sight.

On the east side of the pond facing the towers:  Peak RF at 1.958 mW/m2

Continuing east at first sand pit:  Peak measurement was 2.642 mW/m2.

Next measurement RF:  3.104 mW/m2 and 1.009 V/m.


First putting green area, peak RF:  4.384 mW/m2.


Next putting green measurement:  Peak RF measured at 5.034 mW/m2



By the asphalt at the end of the cart path, Peak RF measured at 6.480 mW/m2.


In the long grass near Hamline Avenue, Peak RF:  10.510 mW/m2.


On the boulevard at Hamline Avenue, peak RF: 14 mW/m2 and 1.21 V/m.


Walking back on Highland Parkway on the residential side of the street, at corner of Albert Street, peak RF measured at 2.523 mW/m2.


At Pascal Avenue, Peak RF measured at 2.790 mW/m2.


About a quarter block past Pascal in the direction of the towers:  Peak RF measured at 1.592 mW/m2.



Peak RF measured at 98.1000 mW/m2!!!

Backside measurements below were taken June 20, 2020.

BACKSIDE OF THE TOWERS EMITTING INTENSE RADIATION, peak RF measured at 76.19 mW/m2, and 4.1 V/m.  This is largely because the small cells closer to the ground are radiating directly at anybody standing behind the towers.  The radiation may also be stronger because traffic is low and the ground behind the towers is higher.


These low towers are an assault on what remains of the precious natural world. 

Studies have proven that cell towers:


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