Macalester College – Outside

MACALESTER COLLEGE is located at 1600 Grand Avenue in St. Paul, 55105   I’m sorry to say that this site has the worst readings I’ve come across in the Twin Cities.

I figured that Macalester College grounds would have serious radiation with the density of cell towers and small cells near the game field, and in the parking lot off of Snelling Avenue.  And apparently Macalester is going all-out to bring this dangerous technology right into the heart of the grounds.  It’s SO SAD that we are unconsciously compromising the health of our children and young people by subjecting them to dangerous levels of radiation where they spend their days learning.  How will they feel in a few years time, when they begin to suffer the health effects of such exposures?  How can we be so careless with our precious youth, and our own future?

Date:  November 12, 2019                Time:  About 3:30 pm              Temp: 10° F

It is impossible to tell which towers are emitting what, with the high density of towers that are easily visible by the outdoor stadium at St. Clair Street and Snelling Avenue.  The radiation was spiking, sometimes intensively, to levels I had not yet seen.

First reading was at St. Clair pointing the meter sensor in the direction of a small cell atop a pole, and a larger tower behind it in the line of sight, showing a peak reading of 40.92 mW/m2!  

Then moving toward the cell tower in the background the peak measurement is 25.23 mW/m2, standing about 40 feet away.

Next measurement was taken across Snelling, behind the cell tower in the previous photos, shown here to the right.  Readings were lower with a peak of 1.52 mW/m2.  At this spot, most of the radiation was probably going over my head.

Walking about a half block north on Snelling showed a peak of 12.64 mW/m2.

But the seriously bad news is this 5G tower located in the parking lot by the Music Hall and Observatory off of Snelling Avenue.  From approximately 50 feet away, this tower spiked to a peak of 129.0 mW/m2!!

Lower spike reading with the same tower.








Reading No. 2 Date:  December 16, 2019        Time:  1:30 pm

Peak reading of 98.1 mW/m2 within two minutes.  The tower spiked to 110 mW/m2 but I missed catching a photo.

The average seems to be 50-60 mW/m2 yet this tower spikes wildly and constantly.  It is VERY unhealthy to be near this, especially for any length of time.

Several blocks toward Grand Avenue, another high-powered 4-5G tower is visible by Snelling and Douglas.

Reading Date:  November 20, 2019     Time:  4:00 pm     Peak RF:  20.98 mW/m2 and 4.10 v/m


Read about the health effects of these radiation levels as studied and documented worldwide in the 2012 BioInitiative Report.

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