South Saint Paul Hoppy Hour (for bunnies)

Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (MCRS) hosts “Hoppy Hour” events in several locations in the Twin Cities, and our favorite for about six years is the one held in South St. Paul, in a building near the intersection of Highway 494 and Concord Avenue (they do not openly publish the addresses except for interested rabbit owners).  The event is typically held twice weekly at this location, and is a supervised, social hour for house rabbits and their owners and caretakers to come together and enjoy each other.

Within the last six months a new cell tower has been erected within one block from the site with masts lower to the ground which has increased the radiation at this site significantly.  

MCRS Hoppy Hour is staffed by volunteers who care deeply for rabbits, their welfare, finding good homes for them, and providing hay and supplies at a discount from pet shops in the area.  They work tirelessly for this cause, bouncers monitor each event so there are no injuries, mishaps, or fights.  They offer grooming tips and advice for new owners, and also grooming and nail clippings for a reasonable fee.

Naturally, photos are a big part of the fun, but a problem with this event is that besides the growing radiation levels from outside the building, people come to these events and sit and stare at cellphones the entire time they are there.  Nobody is thinking about how this affects these delicate animals who still have their natural senses.  I have sent messages to MCRS calling their attention to the matter and have heard nothing of any substance in response.

Reading date:  January 5, 2020     Time:  2:00 pm      Peak RF radiation measured at 1.32 mW/m2 which is “Extreme” on the Building Biologists Scale for RF radiation safety.   This was a lightly attended Hoppy Hour and most of the chairs were empty.  A full attendance event would likely have about double this amount of radiation.

I wouldn’t have my rabbit there for more than an hour, and then be sure they can ground afterward in a quiet, safe, EMF/R-free space.

This radiation compromises their immune systems and depresses their bodies’ natural self-healing abilities.   It increase nervous and cognitive disorders, disorientation, and causes more Fright / Fight / Flight stress.  NOT GOOD.  Attend with consciousness and care.

I am hoping we will see some good study data soon on how these unnatural energies are stressing pets and animals and causing them discomfort and reactionary aggression.



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