Rosedale Water Tower

The Water Tower at Rosedale Shopping Center in Roseville, is a potent generator of toxic, non-native electromagnetic fields and radiation.  A high tower like this is less destructive up close on the ground, but the further you walk away from it, the stronger its effect.

There is also a near and far field factor with RF radiation, where one cannot get an accurate measurement too close to the radiation generator like this tower, or even to a simple wi-fi router.

Reading Date:  November 22, 2019     Time:  2:30 pm


First reading taken from the Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot, just across the street from the tower, showed a peak RF reading of 3.9 mW/m2. 

Walking about a block away and measuring across the parking lot with a clear line-of-sight showed a peak RF reading of 2.714 V/m and 17.45 mW/m2.






Walking about another block further showed a peak RF reading of 2.59 V/m and 28.97 mW/m2.





Final reading was measured further away and spiked to the same peak of 28 mW/m2.  The volts per meter reading was not legible in the sunlight and is not shown.






Readings were also taken from the opposite side of the tower, from the Schneiderman’s Furniture parking lot.  Peak RF results were 3.00 V/m and 25.81 mW/m2.  







We can see from these measurements, that this deadly duo generates heavy-duty, destructive radiation we can estimate at 25 mW/m2 in all directions about two blocks away!  Imagine what that does to the water in the tower that people drink!

Read about the health effects of these radiation levels as studied and documented worldwide in the 2012 BioInitiative Report.

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