Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church — Eagan, MN (Cell Tower in the Bell Tower)


In response to a Mother’s request, I did a brief walk-through at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1930 Diffley Road, in Eagan Minnesota.

This church has made a poorly informed and saddening decision to install a cell tower in the church bell tower.  And due to captured federal and local government agencies working wholely for the interests of  profiteering telecoms, informed consent does not factor into negotiations for agreements to install cell towers where people and children congregate in community gathering places like churches, schools and parks.

It is evident from the current cell tower map for the area, that this part of Eagan is heavily irradiated by multiple cell towers, which is typical for suburbs.  The cell tower at the church was constructed in 2011, so it has been there for ten years and changed owners twice during that time.  It is currently owned by Sba Monarch Towers I, LLC.

The Mother who contacted me has had a child in a schooling program at the Church, and she took her child out of the program when she witnessed workers maintaining the bell tower, cell tower (that is usually hidden from view) in December 2021.  She wanted to know what the levels of EMF/R (electromagnetic fields and radiation) are at this location, inside the classrooms area in the lower level,  and outside the building.

When I parked in the lot, my car key remote would not work; a sure sign of a heavily irradiated environment.  I am surprised that the trees are not yet showing signs of radiation damage.


I did a limited walkthrough on February 9 and 16, 2022 at 11:30 am, to check the classrooms in the lower level, the foyer and classrooms on the ground level, and took measurements outside near the cell tower, at the playground in the back, and also about a half mile away at a senior housing facility off of Diffley Road.  I did not measure electrical or electromagnetic fields because of time constraints and not wanting to impose on the people who were there.

The sites for the measurements are shown below.  Check the sidebar on this page for the radiation measurements, and whether they are moderate, severe, or extreme.   Then you can go to The Safety Scale … page to learn more about the health effects of the different levels of radiation, which also contains a link for Tables of Health Effects from the BioInitiative Report with the levels of radiation converted to milliwatts per meter squared, such as I use on this website.

Area 1 — Classroom to the left of entrance in the lower level, measurements as follows:

RF radiation peak measured at 6.79 mW/m2 over two minutes.  The RF radiation fluctuated wildly with intense spikes from the direction of the cell tower outside.

Students and faculty in the lower level would have cell phones which escalates the measurements, so I measured directionally toward the tower as much as possible.

Dirty Electricity on the wiring measured very high at 1,227 millivolts.  I got a surprise when I plugged my DE/MEP meter into the wall as suddenly I heard a radio program loud and clear through the meter speaker.  The cell tower outside is amplifying all of the radio frequencies (RF) including an area a.m. band radio station, in the building wiring.  Dirty electricity (microsurge electrical pollution, MEP) also emanates into the air from the wires, causing “Field MEP.” It is one of the biggest problems of being in close proximity to a cell tower, and its powerful electrical fields.  High voltage at an outlet equals high, induced current in the human body.  Exposure to even small transient currents over time can lead to cancer, tinnitus, heart problems/stress/palpitations, poor short-term memory, rashes, chronic fatigue, depression, nausea, disorientation, dizziness and vertigo, and other debilitating health stresses.

Area 2 — Entry foyer on ground level in front of office. 

RF peak measurement was 2-3 mW/m2.  (The Safe & Sound meter measures in microwatts/m2, and I set the Cornet meter for milliwatts/m2.)

Area 3 — Ground Level Classroom Behind Office

Peak RF measured at 3.4 mW/m2 and dirty electricity (DE/MEP) measured at 312 millivolts in the one outlet I tested, which is much better than the downstairs classroom measured previously, and on a different circuit.  Yet the RF radiation is still “Extreme.”

Area 4 — Northwest Entry, Outside Under Awning

RF Peak radiation measured at 3.90 mW/m2.

Area 5 — Electrical Boxes for Building and Tower

RF Peak Radiation measured at 30.33 mW/m2 and 16.9 mW/m2 close to the ground.  I was surprised that the metal plates over the boxes were blocking the electrical and electromagnetic fields well when measured within a few feet, so I did not record the measurements.


Area 6 — Near Field, West Parking Lot at Main Entry.

RF  Radiation Peak  measured  at  77.9 mw/m2 which is EXTREMELY HIGH.

Area 7 — Children’s Fenced Playground in Back of Church

Peak RF Radiation measured at 22.48 mW/m2 which is extremely dangerous for children’s health.  

Area 8 — Far Field Measurement from 2,300 Feet

RF Peak Measurement from a senior housing complex east on Diffley was 4.16 mW/m2.  This church tower cell tower is heavily irradiating the entire area.





My Reflections on this Walkthrough

I entered this place of worship with humility and respect though I rarely attend any church after a Baptist minister tried to seduce me during a time of extreme, youthful pain.  But then, I prefer to worship in the wild and open spaces anyway; to sing in the trees, pray in the grasses, and give thanks and praise with the breezes.  My most potent prayers have been while floating on my back in the middle of a lake among profuse lightnings, or floating far from shore in love-powered mantra and union with all gentle beings.

Our symbiotic bond with Nature is being tragically lost — and our gentler heart-centered humanity — to the point where ethical, well intentioned, loving and devout people do not intuit the serious destruction of 2-5G technology on our sacred bodies and Earth, and in our very living and community spaces.

Since I well possess my spirit and soul senses, I could “see” what the cell towers were doing to Nature from the early 90s when they began to proliferate.  Even then I could smell the new sharp edges of molds near them.  I could see how they were killing birds and bees, stressing wildlife and sterilizing soil.  I’ve noted how people’s voices have changed, especially the voices of some women — louder, more shrill, abrasive and discordant.  The increasing irritability, lack of healthy sleep, over-amped  and frayed nervous systems, declining health and loss of peace and joy is sharpening, and sadly, many of our youth have no baseline of natural wellness and native joy, to compare.

As Dr. Dieter Klinghardt, MD, PhD of Sophia Health Institute has stated:

The way cellphone frequencies are constructed is highly addictive because they stimulate the dopamine-producing neurons in the brain. Every time you use the cellphone you get a reinforcement in the brain to use it more. Other neuropeptides in the brain are funneled towards producing dopamine — the addictive substance in the brain — but away from acetylcholine, from the higher thinking molecule. Acetylcholine is responsible for memory, so memory, higher thinking, and critical thinking are declining, and the addictive part of the brain is blossoming. And it’s addicted to something that will actually kill you, shorten your lifespan, cripple your offspring, and we get sicker and sicker.

We are suffering from a great loss of perspective, and most people don’t even realize it.  Our ability for bigger picture discourse, tolerance for the viewpoints of others, and our wisdom potential are severely compromised in recent years via this technology.  Higher thinking has been debilitated overall, spiritual adolescence prevails, and ego-identification with the lower mind is rife among us to where many don’t know any other way to be, and view any differing perspective as a personal threat, while divisions among us exacerbate.

When I returned home from my first walkthrough on February 9, I was surprised to see that a slip of paper had somehow shuffled into my meter carrying case from a table in the foyer.

It is one of my favorite verses, and it comforted me with deep reassurance that the heavy-handed forcing of this technology via political and corporate agency, addiction, disinformation, deceit and treachery will FAIL because its foundation is exceedingly corrupt and its development driven by reckless greed and profiteering.  It is NOT in resonance with the Heart of Creation, it is DISCORD, and I believe we are fast moving into a modern day Tower of Babel situation because I know that these profiteers aren’t even bright enough to know what they’re doing.  No thought, consideration or care is being taken about how the various corporate wireless lusts and delirium will even synergize, and soon enough, NOTHING IN THIS TOWER OF BABEL WILL WORK or be secured.

During my two visits to this church for measurements, I was touched by the passionate, caring humanity busily engaged with the children, working in the office, practicing the organ.  They reminded me of the Power of Love — the Holy Spirit, the Great Neutralizer of all harmful and toxic essences, the Comforter — working through sacred hearts and hands, which has foreseen and entirely secured the Mastery over our ignorant human follies, our repetitious compulsions.  And if we must live with this increasing, egregious pollution, then we can learn to use every stress for overcoming, in continual surrender to the fulfillment of the Word.  But in doing our part, we are charged with honoring and caring for Nature and the sacred bodies we have been given, and even more, the gift of our precious children; to protect, nurture, and support their healthy development, their full faculties, budding potential, and quality of life.  NOT to sell them short because we weren’t paying attention.

I hold the vision that as We The People awaken and recognize the consequences of what we are creating and allowing, that we will DISPEL these frequencies and spirits of destruction from our heads, our living and sacred spaces.  We will reclaim “our crowns”, our spiritual potential, our sacred spirit and brain channels that guide us in accordance with the manifesting Will of God.  We are exceedingly challenged now as we close this Era and face the full effects of our ignorance and non-presence of centuries.  Yet we also bring forward the fruits of our labors of love and passion, for the Kingdom that is continually coming, as we gain empowered STANDING between Heaven and Earth, as we are intended to Fulfill and Inhabit by the Grace and Love of G-d.



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