899 Cleveland Avenue

899 South Cleveland Avenue, St. Paul  55116, sometimes called Cleveland Hi-Rise, is a public housing project near the heart of Highland Village.  Built in 1970, 899 S. Cleveland has 12 floors and 144 one-bedroom apartments.

The top of this building has recently been built-up with a number of cell masts, operated by Verizon.  The photo below on the left is from the building website.  The photo on the right was taken by me on May 3, 2020.









Since the trees haven’t yet been cut down behind this building, the destructive effects of the cell masts on the nearby trees are evident.  The trees that receive the most direct radiation from the cell masts on the roof are dying.
















Swaths of morbidity are evident among the trees in the radiation path of the cell masts on the roof of 899 South Cleveland Avenue.  The contrast between stressed trees in the radiation path, and healthier trees on the sides of the building, is clear, and depressing.  Tree death extends beyond the perimeter of the property, where stark, sterile, lifeless patches mark radiation-damage penetration into the woods.







Reading Date:  May 3, 2020       Time:  10:00 am

Standing downhill from the building by the baseball park, peak RF radiation measured at 1.9 to 2.4 mW/m2.





A tenant called me to document the RF (cell tower and wireless) radiation, the electromagnetic field strength, and electrical field strength, both inside and outside of the building.  They reported that some of the people on the top floor of this building are recently sick; reporting constant aches and pains, lethargy, and daily struggles just to feel okay.  An electronic ‘chirping’ noise is also interfering with tenants’ peace and relaxation on other floors of this building.  Verizon has recently upgraded the rooftop equipment on April 20, 2020.

Top floor RF radiation peak measurement of 1.32 mW/m2 and 0.706 V/m at the elevator bay.  I did not walk the top floor and take several readings on this date.




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