Native EMF and EMR — What is our Baseline?

Human bodies, and all flora and fauna are perfectly designed to thrive in Earth’s natural electromagnetic fields (the Schumann Resonances).  Bodily systems and cells, spirits and souls relax, re-set, regulate, and heal when we are in Nature — free from chaotic, stressful, “incoherent,” artificial electromagnetic fields and radiation.

But now we are living in an unprecedented technological immersion (especially in urban environments) with its accompanying electrification, magnetic distortions, and destructive radiation.  Our bodies are exquisitely sensitive to even very low levels of unnatural EMF and EMR.  Modulated radio signals, alternating current, and microwaves stress, violate, and confuse our cells, unbalance our nervous systems, debilitate our sleep states, stress our psyches, and keep our bodies in a continual state of Fright/Fight/Flight unease.

Thousands of studies have proven the damage being done but our establishment media represses the truth and does everything possible to keep it from the attention of the People.  But the People are starting to come to conscious terms with the crisis we are in, as diseases proliferate, youth and children’s health plummets, and violence increasingly breaks out — all driven and exacerbated in part, by these unnatural stressors.

IT IS SO IMPORTANT to get away from cellphones, computers, and devices, and get out into Nature for clearing and re-set to stay healthy.  Cellphones and wi-fi are highly addictive.  Like a form of speed or “crack”, they push our cells into overdrive and an unnatural “high.”  We may feel lively, plugged-in, in a constant state of excitement for a few years, but then a toll sets in; a toll of fatigue, depressed immunity, disease, mental debilitation, and unhappiness.

By now, our lawns may be electrified with underground cabling, and increasing neighborhood power demands.  Your house may not only be stressing your body with its electrical wiring for your power needs, but may also be drawing current into your living spaces from the power grid and running current through water pipes.  Our homes are vibrating with the proliferation of wi-fi and BOP (broadband over power distribution lines).  We are losing our refuge, and “sacred ground, ” our natural joy of life and being.

Trees are our best friend now, sheltering us from EMFs and EMR more than we know.  The water they contain catches and grounds the unnatural frequencies.  If you have great trees in your yard or near your home, give them some special gratitude and appreciation for the unnoticed work they do on our behalf.

Reading date:  November 24, 2019     Time:  3:00 pm   

At Carver Park, about 25 miles west of the Twin Cities, this area is quickly becoming built out and crowded with housing but the nearest cell towers are still about a mile away.  One would have to go farther out to get away from the RF radiation in the air to a more natural level.

If you are taking measurements outside in a natural, earthy place, you will notice right away that the sharply fluctuating, constantly changing levels of EMF and EMR (electromagnetic fields and radiation) that are now ‘normal’ in the city, STOP jumping all over and settle down to restful, peaceful, soothing frequencies.  Radio waves still fluctuate, but are much quieter in their range and power density.

RF peak measured at .0089 mW/m2 and 0.0524 v/m.







At the ground level, RF radiation dropped off to 0.0001 or 0.0002 mW/m2.

When out in Nature, be sure to lie down on your back on the ground for a good, natural systems, re-set.






Gauss meter for LF (30-300 kilohertz) magnetic strength in 600 mode peaked at 0.10 uT (microtesla) from Earth’s natural magnetic field.






Gauss Meter for LF 30 mode measured .3 milligauss or .36 uT. 


Electrical field was completely steady at 2.00 v/m.  This must be measured at least one meter above ground without the meter being touched, so I put it in a tree branch.



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