Mall of America (RF Radiation Measurements)

The Mall of America is a 4,870,000 square foot shopping center (or 96.4 acres) located at 60 E Broadway, Bloomington, MN 55425.  It is the largest shopping mall in America.

The Mall of America was on the list of “First Places to Turn On 5G” in the Minneapolis area, on April 3, 2019.  What frequencies were used in that initial test are unknown.

On April 12, a boy was thrown off a balcony in a bizarre attack by a mentally unstable stranger on April 12, just nine days later, and spent months in critical condition with multiple injuries.

Date:  October 31, 2019     Time:  12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Peak measurements are shown in the smaller size numbers after “MAX” on the meter screen in milliwatts per meter squared. Building Biologists have created a scale of risk shown at the bottom of this page.  According to the scale for RF radiation, 1 milliwatt per meter squared (1 mW/m2) is a Severe Concern.

Just stepping through the entrance door at Nordstrom’s on the second floor from the Parking Ramp, we measured a peak of 0.2897 mW/m2 emanating diagonally from the left as you face inside the store.

Proceeding through Nordstrom’s to the center of the mall to the Nickelodeon Universe (amusement park), standing on the second floor looking out over the park under a skylight ceiling we measured a peak of 7.61 mW/m2.   This is stunningly high, especially in an area where children come to enjoy the rides and Lego creations.  The intense stimulation contributes to a fever pitch of excitement and stress.  After a few minutes in this area our cognitive functions began to experience stressful disruptions.

We took a measurement at a kiosk to purchase tickets for Nickelodeon Universe; 2.3000 mW/m2

Next we got a measurement inside H&M on the second floor.  The check-out area was so electrified we both could hear the high-pitched ringing.  0.5648 mW/m2

Stepping back outside of H&M onto the second level, facing toward the West Parking Lot, a wireless hotspot can be seen hanging from the ceiling.  We noted these hotspots at every main entrance to the mall on the west side.  We did not walk the entire mall to see if they are at all entrances.  They are BLASTING wi-fi and our peak reading with this one is 6.4800 mW/m2 — a severe level of radiation stressing bodies, nervous systems, and cognition of mall patrons passing by.

Another one was radiating a peak of 12.64 mW/m2!

Wi-Fi hotspot hanging from the ceiling at mall entrance shown below.  Click any picture on this page for a larger view.





In front of the T Mobile store we measured a peak of  8.7400 mW/m2.


In front of the AT&T store a screen on the wall was emanating wi-fi at a peak rate of 9.8100 mW/m2.


In front of the Verizon store we measured 2.8310 mW/m2.

Moving banners proclaim that Verizon is “building 5G right,” a bad joke as we hot-footed by to get out of this insanely electrified place.

After spending about an hour at the Mall of America, we left quickly, vowing to never return.  I was feeling a strange stress and shakiness, my occasional asthma was triggered from the stress, David and I both had moderate headaches, David felt nauseous, I was uncoordinated.  We noted the “heat shock” in our cells as they begin to shut down from stresses they don’t recognize and are not equipped to deal with.  We were trashed and wiped out and David went right to bed after lunch, for some time.

David and I both have our natural senses and can feel and see subtle energies.  We take very good care of ourselves, eat organic food, we are not vegetarians but eat consciously and respectfully with gratitude.  We do not use wi-fi at home nor do we use cellphones.  We have a BEMER we use regularly.  David is 30 and in very good condition.  I’m 64 and doing well.  But the Mall of America was too much for us today!

David, Fall 2018

Rockets, October 2018.







Note:  Our shungite jewelry, nuclear receptor pendants, and even the Armor of God did not make a lot of difference as far as we could tell, but what do we really know?  It took me several days to re-ground.

Read about the health effects of these radiation levels as studied and documented worldwide in the 2012 BioInitiative Report.