Highland National Golf Course

HIGHLAND NATIONAL GOLF COURSE is located at 1403 Montreal Avenue.

Large water towers stand on the highest point near the intersection of Highland Parkway and Snelling Avenue.  Additional cell tower equipment was recently added to these towers, which have had towers on their tops for some years.  The new additional equipment is much lower to the ground, bringing radiation down to the level where people go walking to get out of the house into nature in the off season, go sledding in winter, and play with their dogs.

These hardware additions have increased radiation in the golf course in the directions they are facing, that is constantly spiking and fluctuating — stressing people and nature.


Earlier Reading Date:  11-7-2019     Time:  10:35 am 

Standing just downhill, where children go sledding in winter:   RF reading is 3.2500 mW/m2.  The peak value isn’t visible in this photo, and is likely higher.


Walking a few yards farther down the hill, the peak value RF is:  4.2850 mW/m2. 


On the level ground by the pond:  RF peak is 3.9990 mW/m2.

A the east end of the pond:  Peak RF is 1.6290 mW/m2.

East end of the pond, nearing Highland Parkway:  Peak RF is 2.8970 mW/m2


Across Highland Parkway by the houses facing these towers:  Peak RF is 1.7860 mW/m2.  Harmful levels of RF radiation are pouring through the windows of these houses and homeowners on this block might want to explore window shielding if they are not feeling and sleeping well.

The backside of the towers at the drive-in for the Charles M. Schultz Arena and stadium RF measurements are much higher, probably due to the low cells in a more direct facing line-of-sight to someone on the ground.

UPDATE READING 6-2-2020, 8:45 pm  shows significantly higher peak of 51.5 mW/m2

Earlier Reading date:  November 25, 2019       Time:  12:30 am

RF radiation peaked at 32.5 mW/m2, and 3.22 V/m.  This is extremely high.


When our family first moved here in 2013, I was happily surprised to find that there were tree frogs calling in the golf course, and frogs and toads living in the pond just east of these towers (pictured above).  Just two years ago we got a video of the toads in the spring time, singing and ‘playing’ in the pond.


We haven’t heard a tree frog for several years now, and the lower-to-the-ground additions to the water towers will likely wipe out the frogs and toads in that pond within several years, I would bet.   They’ve managed to stay with us this long, and their disappearance is more of a loss than we currently know.

These low towers are an assault on what remains of the precious natural world.  Studies have proven that cell towers sterilize the soil around them, render flora and fauna infertile, kill birds and insects, make mold growth more virulently toxic, and promote the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  They are BAD NEWS FOR ALL LIVING THINGS.

Read about the health effects of these radiation levels as studied and documented worldwide in the 2012 BioInitiative Report.

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